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International Conference on Evolution in Engineering & Management (ICEEM-2015), 30-31, January 2015

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Changing Trends in The Life of Indian Women as Reflected in R.K Narayan's The Dark Room

Dr. Padmini Fenn and T. Dhanalakshmi


The feminist always try to restore the tarnished image of the women and glorify it. They aimed at defining and establishing equal social, economic and political rights and opportunities for women in India. It also fought against the specific issues related to the traditional and culture of the country. Indian feminists strived to make the women aware of the oppression and conscious action from the part of men and women to change the situation. They tried to challenge the discrimination of genders by deconstructing the exiting concept of feminity and masculinity, and attempted to break away from gender stereotypes. Today's novels act as a mirror reflecting the protest and the outburst of the suppressed feelings of women which has never been taken care for ages. The images of women in recent writings have undergone a sea change. The theme of the novel have moved away from the traditional, age old portrayal of self-sacrificing women towards conflicting female protagonist searching for identity and self respect. Many Indian writers join hands to support this new trend by writings about the evils of patriarchal system.

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Conference Name: National Conference on Emerging Trends and Experiments in Indian English Writing

Conference Date: 24, January 2015

Pages: 18-19

Paper ID: nceteiew09

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