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International Conference on Evolution in Engineering & Management (ICEEM-2015), 30-31, January 2015

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Emerging Trends in Popular Indian Fiction

G. Ramya


'English writers were present in India from the pre-independence era. Works of V. S. Naipaul, Mulk Raj Anand, R. K. Narayan presented the Indian lifestyles to the world wide attention. As ages passed, the feminist writers are Anita Desai, Kamala Markhandaya and Shashi Deshpande created their space in national and international literature.A study of the popular English fiction in India is a study of the expectations and trends of the masses which makes the study relevant. The local and international events leave a trace in an average Indian's lifestyle which in turn will be reflected in his tastes. It is also an analysis of the cultural standard of the society. Raja Rao, R. K. Narayan and Mulk Raj Anand tried their best to give new identity to Indian Writing in English. Mainly, novels fall in the following categories descriptive, explanatory and emotive. The novelist describes actions, people, things and place. Indian writer of fiction uses a learnt second language like English, he is actually recording a kind of half-conscious translation (from mother tongue into English) that has taken place in the mind.

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Conference Name: National Conference on Emerging Trends and Experiments in Indian English Writing

Conference Date: 24, January 2015

Pages: 20-22

Paper ID: nceteiew10

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