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International Conference on Evolution in Engineering & Management (ICEEM-2015), 30-31, January 2015

Efficient Residual Energy Using SINR and TABU in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

M. Ranjitha and K. Gowsic


Wireless sensor network often used in a challenging application where data transmission is daunting. In order to improve the reliability of the data transmission two novel energy-aware routing algorithms for wireless ad hoc networks called Signal Interference Noise Ratio (SINR) and TABU energy routing has been proposed in this work. SINR addresses some parameters like energy-efficiency, reliability, and prolonging network lifetime. It considers the energy consumption and the remaining battery energy of nodes as well as quality of links to find energy-efficient and reliable routes that increase the operational lifetime of the network. TABU on the other hand, is an energy-efficient routing algorithm which finds routes minimizing the total energy required for end-to-end packet traversal. RMER and RMECR are proposed for networks in which either hop-by-hop or end-to-end retransmissions ensure reliability. This makes SINR an elegant solution to increase energy-efficiency, reliability, and lifetime of wireless ad hoc networks.

Keywords: ---

Conference Name: Third National Conference on Networking and Communication Systems

Conference Date: 13, February 2015

Pages: 26-29

Paper ID: ncs07

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