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International Conference on Evolution in Engineering & Management (ICEEM-2015), 30-31, January 2015

Image Quality Measurement Using Software Approach for Vein and Online Attendance System

B. Ayisha and S. Rajeswari


A biometric system is a computer system which is used to identify the person on their behavioural and physiological characteristic like fingerprint, face, iris, key-stroke, signature, voice, vein, etc. But now a day's biometric systems are attacked by using fake biometrics. With the great convenience of computer graphics the image can be easily altered. Many fake images are produced whose content is affected. Thus, the images cannot be judged whether they are real or fake, in this, a fake detection uses singular value decomposition (SVD) as a classifier to make a binary decision on whether an image is fake or real. A typical biometric system consists of sensing, feature extraction, and matching modules. This work is an improvements process to an existence method to detect fake image using SVD. The experimental results prove the effectiveness of this algorithm to detect any small changes in image even with one dot of real image. This introduce three biometric techniques which are Vein recognition, face recognition (Multi Biometric System) and also concentrate on online attendance management.

Keywords: ---

Conference Name: Third National Conference on Networking and Communication Systems

Conference Date: 13, February 2015

Pages: 34-37

Paper ID: ncs09

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