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International Conference on Evolution in Engineering & Management (ICEEM-2015), 30-31, January 2015

Role of Press in the National Movement with Special Reference to ?The Hindu? in Madras Presidency

Dr.(Mrs.).K. Kalyanasundari


The dawn of nationalism in Madras Presidency was heralded by a few intellectuals of Madras State who formed themselves into bodies like the Madras Native Association and the Madras Hindu Debating Society. And they had an ardent desire for administrative and political reforms gradually won the sympathy and support of many people. Soon after the inception of the Indian National Congress in 1885 several News paper in English as well as India languages had come into existence both in the city and the districts. Thus in 1886 for instance the press began to criticize the current polices of the Government. It described the salt tax as "the most unjust and cruel of all the taxes imposed on the country". It assailed the income tax and said that it should be imposed not on the Indians but on the English in England in as much as the revenue derived from it was devoted to the benefit of the English in strengthening the defences of India in which they alone were interested. It advocated the imposition of high duties on English goods in order to protect and foster Indian industries. It demanded the expenditure of not less than one?tenth of the Indian revenues on education. It attacked the conduct of several officers including that of the Governor. It pressed for the representation of more Indians in the Provincial Legislative Council and for vesting that council with complete control over the budget. And among other things, it insisted on the reduction of salaries of European Civil Servant and on the recruitment of more and more Indians in the civil services and the army.

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Conference Name: UGC Sponsored National Level Workshop on Impact of National Movement in the Intellectual History of Madras Presidency

Conference Date: 30, January 2015

Pages: 15-17

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