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Proceedings Indexing in Bonfring Digital Library

Bonfring Digital Library is a bibliographic record which maintains the research articles from various fields of Engineering, Science and Technology. Bonfring provides the opportunity for the researchers around the world to include their research article in Bonfring Digital Library by means of indexing the conference proceedings. This will be a beneficial factor for the conference to be forecasted worldwide. This will help the researchers to have a track of emerging ideas and new innovations in their specific field of research.


Instructions for Indexing the Proceeding in Bonfring Digital Library

To include the research articles from your conference proceedings in Bonfring Digital Library, the following instructions should be followed,

  • The institution/organization which organizes the conference should sign up for the Technical Co-Sponsorship with Bonfring.
  • The organizer should submit the application form along with the signed MOU.
  • The application will be evaluated by the Bonfring Conference Publication representatives and if the application is approved, the MOU will be signed by the representative of Bonfring Conference Publication.
  • After the MOU is approved, the event representative should collect the copyright form from the author(s) to index their research article in Bonfring Digital Library.
  • Decision on inlcuding the article in Bonfring Digital Library will be made by Bonfring Quality Committe as they review the article for plagiarism.
  • Further information regarding the preparation of article, submission of author detailed will be updated to the conference representative after the MOU is approved.



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