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International Conference on Evolution in Engineering & Management (ICEEM-2015), 30-31, January 2015

Speaker Arrangement

Bonfring is the global consortium dedicated to empower today’s Researchers. Bonfring opens globally “Speakers Bureau Corporation (BSBC)” for speaker’s society, who adores revealing their interest to the technological community.

Speakers are the one who enrich the technical event to the millennium success. Most of the Institutions/Organization is deliberately working towards to bring out the technical speakers/motivational speakers for their event from worldwide. Unfortunately they have lot of constraints in leading the speakers for their event, since lack of time, awareness, finance, etc…

Bonfring serves to these Institutions and Organizations through our support in arranging speakers for their event. We will sort the difficulties faced by the organizer and let them our services and benefits.

Bonfring fetch speakers from overseas in order to add values and betterment to the events.



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